MATSYS now offers a standalone inexpensive NDIR(Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensor system for monitoring delubing sintering furnaces.

Designed to reduce processing time and improve process control, it can be installed in production environment continuous-belt sintering furnaces with or without modification to the furnace itself.

The sensor system can be used to monitor the delubing process by measuring relative concentrations of CO2. By monitoring CO2, which is the main by-product of the de-lubrication of iron parts, a sintering furnace operator can determine whether the de-lubrication atmosphere and belt speeds are optimal for the removal of lubricants.

If the de-lubrication atmosphere is not ideal sooting can occur, which leads to part rejection. Partial delubing may also occur and if excess lubricant remains post delubing. Voids and surface cracks can also occur during high temperature sintering.

System Includes:

  • NDIR ┬ásensor module
  • Gas sampling system
  • A/D converter with LabView graphing program