Those that work in the powder metal industry know that not all powders are created equal. And our free powder evaluation service will help you and your customers determine if fluidization could be beneficial to handling your difficult to flow powders.

Our FREE 3 point signature service includes:

1.) Providing you data: Auto Fluidized Hall Flow Meter measurement Timed flow rate using a state of the art laser sensor and timer, this will prove flow rate increases by an average factor of 3.

2.) Showing you results: Fluidization demonstrational video – We provide personalized videos of your powder being tested, because seeing = believing.

  • Powder flow under gravity conditions as you would see it in your facility.
  • A comparative video with your company‚Äôs powder under the effect of Fluidization.

3.) Doing our homework: Delivery of a powder flow analysis & report – We put 15+ years of powder handling knowledge at your fingertips by delivering you a report detailing our experiences and data revealing how MATSYS may just be the new solution to your powder needs.

This FREE service is available now. Contact us to see what you’ve been missing! For more information please contact us at