• Structural Reactive Materials
MATSYS has the equipment, facilities, and expertise to produce consolidated metal reactive materials with mechanical properties comparable to inert materials. Advanced fragmentary or smooth shape charge liners can be made and significantly improve the lethality of a wide range of warheads.

We possess all of the necessary equipment required to blend, pack, and consolidate the powder in an inert gas or partial vacuum environment. Powder compacts can be consolidated in our Hot, Warm, or Cold Isostatic presses.

We also characterize the mechanical properties (tension and compression) and perform reactivity tests.

• Net Shape Forming
Complex geometries are possible with the processing techniques we have developed. Even those not possible using traditional machining methods.

Net Shape Forming also allows conservation of metal powders, and helps to lower production costs. We use less powder and minimize machining.

Turning theoretical concepts into complete and effective solutions is part of our own operations.

We have a wealth of experience with short production runs of systems and parts specifically tailored to meet the requirements of our daily operations, and the needs of the industry experts that commission us.

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