matsys: Developers of new technologies. With extensive experience in powder flow and powder consolidation methods to help companies optimize their process and increase productivity

    • Process Design, Fabrication, and Engineering.

Prototype machining is part of our daily operations and all of our primary deliverable items are made by our staff. MATSYS has staff experienced in structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering disciplines. As well as a capable design staff that can turn process concepts into CAD/CAM designs to provide to our fabrication, machining, and welding staff. Our equipment includes CNC milling and turning, wire EDM, Electron-Beam welding, and TIG in a vacuum welding chamber. All are used to provide our diverse customer based with effective solutions to their functional requirements.

    • Powder Flow

MATSYS has developed the “Fluidized Fill Shoe” technology to improve powder flow and die filling for the powder metallurgy industry, ceramic manufacturing and heavy metal applications. We offer a “Fluidized Hall Flowmeter” to measure the flow rate of free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders and a Fluidized Fill Shoe for mechanical and hydraulic presses

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MATSYS has been awarded five US patents in this technology area.

    • Material Consolidation

MATSYS has developed a High Temperature Eddy Current Sensor (HiTECS) to monitor dimensional change of a powder compact during Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). This unique technology is used to fully characterize and optimize the densification of a powder (or powder blend) to achieve full density with the desired microstructure. This technology has been demonstrated for consolidation of amorphous powder, refractory powder, and their composites, and nano-grained particulate materials into fully dense compacts.

    • Process Monitoring Systems

HiTECS can also be used for other applications, such as to monitor the purity of a molten metal. MATSYS has demonstrated this technology by measuring the electrical conductivity of aluminum alloys from room temperature through the melting temperature and above.